Breo iSee4 Wireless Eye Massager Review

Breo iSee4

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In modern days, millions of people have to work in front of the computers, spending an entire day staring at the screen. Many of them have intense duties, having to constantly check the accuracy of the text they are typing and making edits if needed. In fact, the majority of people strain their eyes in the line of their work, whether they work as programmers, teachers, designers, editors, etc. It’s not surprising that often, such people experience health problems due to the constant eye-strain. So, what’s the solution?

In this Breo massager review, you will find all the necessary information. Breo Eye massager is an excellent and unique device for easing the pressure after the tiring day. iSee4 model, in particular, is one of the best choices. Due to the variety of its functions, it can massage your eyes, your temples, and your face, bringing comfort and relaxing your muscles. To learn more about iSee4 Eye massager, it’s essential to review its benefits, the characteristics it possesses, as well as some issues that might occur in the process of its usage.

Breo Eye Massager Review: Advantages and General Characteristics of iSee4 Model

Breo iSee4 Eye massager is comfortable for several reasons at once. Its most beneficial characteristics include:

  • Being wireless, meaning that once you’ve charged your device properly, you’ll be able to bring it with you to wherever you’re comfortable at. The batteries are powerful enough to let the device function for a long time;
  • Having an extremely convenient 1800 folding style that will facilitate the process of carrying the device. You can fit it in basically everything and take it with you if you’d like, so you could use it whenever you want regardless of your location;
  • 3 massage modes, meaning that you’ll be able to pick the one you like most after trying them;
  • Having relaxation music installed, so you’ll be able to have a proper rest by distancing yourself from the real world for a while and enjoying genuine peace.

Apart from these features, there are also other positive characteristics that Breo iSee4 Eye massager has. Special air pressure massage will provide the necessary vibrations that will enable you to relax. Accurate point massage done around your eyes will eliminate the fatigue, letting you feel refreshed and full of newfound strength. In addition, the unique infrared heat feature will warm your face and your eyes, bringing a soothing and calming effect.

This way, with Breo iSee4 Eye massager, you’ll be able to enjoy numerous functions at once. It will rub your face in comforting, soothing circles; squeeze and press against your facial muscles gently, removing the feeling of tiredness; and finally, it will warm you, relaxing you and helping you fall asleep. The variety of these options means that you can choose the one that fits your current mood most.

Are you feeling tired and there are still some things you have to do? Pick a pressure point massage to defeat the effect of tiredness and feel a new rush of energy. Are you exhausted but don’t want to sleep yet, preferring to read a book or watch TV before going to bed? Not a problem, just pick the air pressure massage mode. It’s pretty light, so you’ll be able to soothe your aching eyes or even your headache enough to enjoy the rest of your day. If on the contrary, you’d like to fall asleep but you feel worried that it won’t happen as your eyes and/or head are hurting, pick an infrared massage. Along with relaxing music, the sleep will come before you know it.

iSee4 Breo Massager Review: Possible Issues

While Breo iSee4 is generally a hit with those who acquire it, it might not suit some people due to their personal preferences. The pressure point massage could be too rough for those who have sensitive skin as their blood vessels might be irritated. The sound of vibration is semi-loud and might distract those with sensitive hearing. That’s why it’s important to take your special needs into account before making a purchase.

Breo iSee4 Eye massager is a great helper to those who have eye-strain problem. Its design is convenient and functional. Its features will ensure that the strain is gone and that you’re full of energy again.