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No matter what people do for living, eyes and the soft skin around them are under permanent stress. You may be staring at the screen of computer or smartphone or even work outside – the skin around eyes is affected because of the stress imposed on it. As a result, it is possible to notice appearing of wrinkles or dark circles under eyes.

Hence, it is high time to think about choosing a special massager which will keep skin healthy and shining. Foreo Iris eye massager will come to the rescue of dry and tired skin around eyes.

At first sight, a user will be impressed with the design of this device. According to Foreo Iris eye massager reviews, the most popular color is mint. However, it is also possible to choose a fuchsia or pale pink version.

In the scope of Foreo Iris supply a user will also receive the following:

  • Cable adapter, thus, a device can be charged from a PC or with an adapter to socket;
  • The protective bag which is very useful in trips;
  • Instruction manual answering all the possible questions;
  • Registration certificate.

With the serial number indicated in the certificate, it is necessary to register a massager on the official website so that the warranty on it is officially recognized and ensured.

Innovative Design

This eye massager is compact, while the working zone is in the form of a belt loop. Besides, the outer surface is smooth and soft. In line with the Foreo Iris reviews, such design is very convenient and comfortable for a user.

Foreo, as the manufacturer of the massager, claims the following results, namely:

  • Baggy skin under eyes is reduced by 3.5 times;
  • Dark circles are decreased by 70%;
  • Visual mimic wrinkles are reduced by 43%.

Checking Foreo Iris review on the official website, it is possible to think that such miracles are impossible. However, it works in combination with an eye cream and/ or serum facilitating absorption of those by the skin, enhancing blood circulation, and accelerating the removal of extra liquids.

The concept of action of this massager is based on the movements which are made by finger-tips during self-massaging the skin around eyes. However, due to the innovative technology T-Sonic of sound vibration, Foreo Iris is more efficient than a regular massage.

How to Use Foreo Iris?

From Foreo Iris eye massager review, it is obvious that the device has two main modes: Pure and Spa. The first one is imitating the moves of fingers during a massage, it is soft and is perfectly suitable for skin with almost invisible wrinkles. Besides, a beginner shall start with this model. In the Spa mode, the patting created by a massager in combination with the pulsation reminds of a professional cosmetic procedure. In addition, there are 8 modes of intensity which are manually regulated. The massager will remember the mode which was set during the previous use, so for the next use, there will be no need to set it again.

Due to a timer which is built-in, after 30 seconds, the pulsations are interrupted. In such a way, a user is reminded that it is necessary to proceed to the next zone. After one minute, an indicating light will signal that the procedure of the skin around one eye shall be completed. Thus, spending only two minutes for massaging skin around eyes, it is possible to keep it young and healthy. As a safety precaution, an eye massager shall not be used more than 3 minutes in each mode, and it switches automatically off.

Where to Keep Your Foreo Iris?

As this massager is completely waterproof, it is feasible to keep it in a bathroom and not to be afraid of taking it with wet hands. Besides, it does not require to be charged often. The battery is enough for 140 uses.

Whenever there is a need to make a choice of a device for facial care, the best is to check a Foreo Iris review and to make sure that the results from its regular use are impressive. Only four minutes every day spent with this stylish and effective massager will show visible effects. It is not the statement and advertising motto of the manufacturer. It has been proved by plentiful happy owners of Foreo Iris.

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